January 19, 2019

London, UK

The team of Betinspire came up successfully with a presentation of its iGaming Platform solution and achieved important agreements to be developed this year in Asian, Eastern European and other regulated markets.
“This is our first showcase and we are very proud to be a part of the iGaming community from now on. The product we are developing, is creating an environment that delivers the best possible player experience on any channel. The business intelligence architecture we put under the platform will help the operators to run their operations in multiple regions, understand players and their needs, acquire new ones, engage and reward existing ones and furthermore enhance the player lifetime value”, said David Ghukasyan, chief business development officer at Betinspire.

Aram Babayan, chief executive officer at Betinspire, made a demonstration of the back-end administration panel and the website. “A powerful CRM and CMS, complete modularity, flexibility in customizations, scalibility in business, design and integrations, a state of art bonus engine, easy and smooth operations control, these are just a few features of Quantum Platform. This solution is made not just for operators, but for those businesses who aim to serve other operators.” – he explained.

About Betinspire

Betinspire is an iGaming Software Development company that introduces Quantum Platform – an Interactive multi-tenancy iGaming Platform with an ability to host multiple configuration websites. At Betinspire we believe that technologies and business intelligence are keys of the competitive advantage. Betinspire’s team commit their total focus and efforts on providing our partners with a product, which is fully customizable as per partners’ needs and requirements, almost infinitely scalable and flexible for all kind of iGaming challenges. We offer a bespoke and very user-friendly Back office including a fully customizable front-end solution.