Wide range of professional dedicated iGaming services.

Solutions for operating and providing parties

Our scope of activities includes wide range of iGaming services depending on our partner needs. We consider each case unique and distinctive, thus each on-boarding is performed with in dedication and responsibility.

Regardless of their business sizes, we respect and treat our partners in a manner that all they have to care about will be full concentration on gaming operations. We believe, that services, provided to the businesses should be convenient, affordable, flexible and in a timely manner for their further dynamic growth and expansion. That is why for us Details matter always. All our on-boarding models are simple and convenient for all size of businesses. For the beginners, start-ups and average volume transaction processing operators, we offer “Turnkey Startup” model, which is the fastest and easiest go-live deal, whereas for the larger businesses, looking for enterprise robust SaaS platform, we offer a “Turnkey Business” Solution, tailored to specific needs and scale.


Experience is a key point of industry know-how. Our experts provide consultancy services, based on the previous operational experience and success stories helping our partners to penetrante newer gaming markets. We're happy to share our knowledge, as long as our partner is in a need of expertise. Whether it is business analysis, a tech puzzle, particular vertical, market research or jurisdictional settlement, we are always there to ensure you get the best services available in the industry.


We support any configuration volume and size - starting from a single instance setup up to hosting your own Data Center. Where do you store your information and DB? How do you serve your content and website to your customers? What security does your infrastructure have? Leave these and many other questions on us to deliver a prompt and professional service to you.


We always make everything global, whether it is an architecture, feature or any other enhancement. However, sometimes different business models require customized approaches and functionality to perform successfully in their local markets. Acknowledging the importance of customization and its impact on the fast-changing environment, we offer this service to cover our partner-specific needs and backup upon market demands and local requirements.


Best performance is achieved when the features and resources are being exploited in the most efficient and harmonic way. Clients always get training course in the package to get the most out of our products. We give a comprehensive and practical overview of the iGaming industry, introduction to and operations with our bespoke platform.


Customer Support is a crucial factor when running an advanced platform infrastructure. Our friendly Customer Support team has a primary objective to stay in continuous touch at all times with our partners to ensure their smooth and flawless operations leading to player satisfying experience.


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