Launch multiple iGaming brands or host your own White-Labels from a single centralized environment including various Customer Relationship and Managment tools, spiced by Risk and Account management engines. Engage your customers, offering an omni-channel seamless experience via different devices and UIs. Offer a seamless, pleasant experience through gaming verticals supporting multi-balance type of options. Expand your operations, offering multiple currency sign-ups and multi-lingual web interface support. DIY philosophy adopted platform. Configure and customize as much and as far your imgination may take.

Betinspire is an iGaming Software Development company that introduces Quantum Platform – Interactive iGaming Platform turnkey solution, with an ability to host multiple configuration White-Labels and Websites. At Betinspire we belive that technologies and business intelligence are keys of the competitive advantage. Betinspire’s team commit their total focus and efforts on providing our partners with a product, which is fully customizable as per partners’ needs and requirements, almost infinitely scalable and flexible for all kind of iGaming challenges.

Here are some areas of our specialization:


Omni-channel solution scaled for multi-purpose business needs, to be securly exploited for different igaming verticals and configurations..


Business intelligence: better recognition and business evaluation of each client through analysis of their behavior and lifetime value.


A toolbox to manage your brand appearance, customer communication, direct file management, acquisition and retention aspects.

Our Vision:
“Far far away, behind the mountains” … we are not only dreamers, but also doers. The technologies we use and functional we implement are next-generation. Most of our management staff has solid experience in iGaming and financial operations, so we, unlike anyone else, know the real value of the core management system, through which the operations are handled. Flexibility, customizability, scalability, speed and quality are the main values we put in our products. The truth is, that we started this business to impove the quality of services of operators through increase of customers statisfaction and lifetime value. All our efforts and aim are directed to maximize operators’ expectations and ease the operations, so that our partners could have a pleasnt and profitable journey with us. Running an igaming business shouldn’t be complicated, and that’s what we help you to do.
Betinspire’s Quantum Platform has been originally designed to provide and support multiple type of business models. Whether you are a large company, which deals with various type of game providers aiming to provide different White-Label environments or a small company, seeking for an affordable and flexible solution or even a provider, aiming to settle own operators, Quantum Platform is the solution, which fits you most.
The Bundle of the platform includes ready-to-go-live solution, which only needs to be configured per WL settings. The website solution of the bundle allows to host multiple websites per WL. The administrative role based Backend solution hosts both platform owner’s management and configuration console, and also WL’s administration panel, this making operations and reporting very easygoing, manageable and controllable.
The excellence and simplicity in this masterpiece cohabit together with modular disposition of functionality, which makes each of the platform core features to be considered as a separate business logic and independant service. Here you are some of them

Embeded CMS system helps you to controls the design of your website, as well as to manage your files and launch ad campaigns.

Partner Management

This module gives you an abillity to set-up your own White-Labels as per their custom requriments and needs versus global settings.

Bonus Engine

A bespoken Bonus Engine which supports various kind of promo bonus types including multi-hierarchy prize system.

Account management

Flexible account management makes the operational use case easy and pleasant, but in the meantime centralized and well organized.

Features and functionality
Quantum Platform is a result of real gaming experience being converted into an intelligent system. Features are being added on regular basis to enhance the toolbox of operator and increase the customer satisfaction level.
  • Front-End Configuration
  • Template based Front-End
  • Banner widgets, multi hierarchy pages
  • Product widgets, categories and subs
  • Quick search through categories
  • Demo play and real play
  • Registration & sign-in templates
  • CMS system
  • Master CSS access for design control
  • Password settings, inbox , recent games
  • Unified balance tracking
  • Customization & Features
  • Account activation
  • Email and mobile number verification
  • Full country and city list support
  • Autoidentification of regional settings
  • Fields’ customization, regex and validations
  • Extended player profile
  • Communication methods configuration
  • Deposit, withdrawals, action cancellation
  • System globals - master configuration
  • Global and partner Back-End portal
  • Backend administration
  • Risk managment tools
  • Sessions and actions logs, audit trail
  • Dashboard - displaying KPIs
  • Transactions management
  • Accounts management
  • Reporting Service
  • Bonus Engine
  • Partner management and configuration
  • Notes, attentions and KYC management
  • Roles and user management
Sophisticated architecture, well defined API services allow complex integrations with external systems. Caching service ensures flexible data access and transfer is made in a most optimized and proper manner. Account passwords are protected with salted hash, whereas registration and password reset is protected with Turing number. The platform is fully SSL and CloudFlare compatible.
More informatation

Our scope of activities include wide range of iGaming services depending on our partner needs. We consider each case unique and distinctive, thus each on-boarding is performed with in dedication and responsability. Regardless of their business sizes, we respect and treat our partners in a manner that all they have to care about will be full concentration on gaming operations. We belive, that services, provided to the businesses should be convenient, affordable, flexible and in timly manner for their further dynamic growth and expansion. That is why for us Details matter always.

On-boarding formats and cooperation

All our on-boarding models are simple and convenient for all size of businesses. For the beginners, start-ups and average volume transaction processing operators, we offer White-Label model, which is the fastest and easest go-live deal, whereas for the larger businesses, looking for enterprise SaaS platform, we offer a Turnkey Solution, tailored to specific needs and scale.


up to 100K players
  • White-Label solution is ideal for start-ups or small operators with up to 100K player records. All the features and tools of the platform are still available and ready for exploitation, however, in this case the operator will be limited to running a mono brand operations. Certain customizations will still be possible. The benefit of WL solution is that with this model you may go-Live in just a few days and on your own !

Turnkey Solution

unlimited players
  • Tailored Enterprise grade solution for established operations, looking for a scalability and growth via mutli WL system, supporting unlimited number of players. This global solution enables you to manage more than one brand or provide your own service to the other operators from a single instance. Turnkey solution gives you a benefit of wider range customization and enhancements, such as extra security, scalable configuration, integration with own infrastructure, multi-branded operations. This format includes maintenance of infrastructure, technical and functional support.
There is no practical featurewise limitation between White-Label and Turnkey Solution models. The difference are business model needs, whilst both have an advantage of using full functionality and attributes of the core platform.
Professional Services


Experience is a key point and industry know-how. Our experts provide consultancy services, based on the previous operational experience and success stories helping our partners to penetrate newer gaming markets. We are happy to share our knowledge, as long as our partner is in need of consultency. Whether it’s business analysis, a tech puzzle, particular vertical, marketing research or jurisdictional settlement, we are always there to ensure you get the best service, available for industry. Need more products or payments, other channels ? We’re here to help.


Depending on the business models you choose, we will set up your infrastructure way it fits most. We support any configuration volume and size – starting from a single instance setup up to housing your own Data Center. "Where, what, how, when" – these are not only the traditional questions of economics, but also key important questions, when launching an iGaming business. Where do you store your information and DB, how are you serving your content and website to your customers, what security does your infrastructure has – leave these and many other questions on us to deliver a prompt and professional service to you.


We always mean to make everything global, whether it is architecture, feature or any other enhancement. However, sometimes different business models require customized approaches and functionality to perform successfully in their local markets. Acknowledging the importance of customization and its impact on a fast changing environment, we offer this service to cover our partner-specific needs and backup upon market demands and local requirements.


Best performance is achieved, when the features and resources are being exploited in the most efficient way. Our partners always get a training course in the package to ensure they get the most out of our products. We give a comprehensive and practical overview of the iGaming industry with introduction to our bespoke – Quantum Paltform. Tranings for our partners reflect different iGaming verticals and touch numerious operational and technical aspects.

We consistently work on our 3rd party integrations to enrich and expand our operators portfolio through all igaming verticals. Our vison of operations is to provide our clients as much content and tools as possible. Below some of the famous ones supported by our platform.

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