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Source Code Licensing Solution

Source Code Licensing Solution

Yerevan, Armenia

“Forget about setup and revenue share fees! Your full profit stays with you!”

BETINSPIRE introduces a new service solution that provides access to the full iGaming platform Source Code under a licensing agreement, allowing for usage and further development. This package includes all current technology projects and services, along with their APIs, essential documentation for setup and configuration, back-office manuals and operations training tutorials.

In addition the partner gets the following:

– A six-month free service term
– Unlimited consulting with your business or development teams
– Integrations and development service to support own operations
– Maintenance and monitoring of servers hosting the iGaming Platform
– B2B support
– Release updates included in our roadmap
– Software and its component upgrades
– Applicable bug fixes.

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BETINSPIRE is a premier iGaming technology provider offering industry-specific and custom software development services. Our flagship Gaming Platform is a state-of-the-art, heavy-duty industrial solution based on a micro-services architecture with advanced business intelligence capabilities. It’s designed to compile own iGaming verticals and infrastructures through independently running multi-branded operations on cloud-based, on-premises and dedicated environments.

Empowered by exclusive Bonusing Engine, a flexible Web-Builder and advanced Business Intelligence modules, our platform offers bespoke architectures tailored to meet various jurisdictional requirements, ensuring unique and smooth operations.

Over the past 6 years, BETINSPIRE has successfully implemented the latest technologies and industry standards to build, deploy and support a professional infrastructure. Our focus is on delivering the most engaging gaming experience through a scalable and flexible iGaming ecosystem.

At BETINSPIRE, we believe that leveraging technology and its strategic utilization are the keys to gaining a competitive advantage. That’s why we dedicate our full focus and efforts to providing our partners with a fully customizable and real-time player interaction product, tailored to meet all kinds of iGaming challenges.