BETINSPIRE is introducing a new Managed Solution service which grants operators/suppliers a preeminent opportunity to act as a service provider and launch their own multi-branded B2B operations for on-boarding different types of iGaming operators and 3rd party suppliers. The main advantages of Managed Solution are

BRANDING: Own branding across all platform components and access to a wider range of customizations and features.

SAAS PLATFORM: Intelligent Core with advanced security and flexible architecture supporting a full spectrum of gaming operations.

FIXED COSTS: Predictable fixed costs for running multi-branded scalable operations on a dedicated platform environment.

“This solution is designed for highly scalable operations, especially for the operators who run multiple brands or provide their own White Label service. When creating this service, we thought about dozens of our partner aggregators who consitently were asking us to provide them a universal and ultimate tool to be able to offer a complete Tunrkey services. However, life showed, that the demand for this solution was not limited with parnter aggregators only. We are very proud of having this chance of providing this service to many leading industry players”, said David Ghukasyan, Chief Business Development Officer at BETINSPIRE


BETINSPIRE is an iGaming technology provider offering various industry- and custom software development services including its flagship state of the art Gaming Platform: a heavy-duty industrial solution based on a micro-services architecture with advanced business intelligence capabilities designed to compile own iGaming verticals and infrastructure via running independently multi-branded operations on cloud-based, on-premises and dedicated environments. Empowered by exclusive Bonusing Engine, flexible Web-Builder and advanced Business Intelligence modules, the Platform provides a bespoke architecture for various jurisdictional requirements tailored for unique and smooth operations.
Over the past 6 years BETINSPIRE has successfully implemented the latest technologies and industrial standards to build, deploy and support a professional infrastructure of the most engaging gaming experience while focusing on delivery of scalable and flexible iGaming ecosystem.
At BETINSPIRE they believe that technologies and their pertinent usage are the key to competitive advantage, thus they commit our total focus and efforts on providing our partners with a fully customizable and real-time player interaction product ready for all kind of iGaming challenges.